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Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard



Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard is a Consultant, retained for more than 27 years as the Executive Director (1993-present) of The 可以赌足球的app.正规赌足球软件, and concurrently for 16 years as the Executive Director of The Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity, Inc. in Connecticut (2003-2019). She has supported both organizations in their efforts to identify, recruit, advance, and retain attorneys of color. She is spearheading a workforce diversity movement recognized nationally as one of the most innovative approaches to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. She is often called on as a trainer, speaker, and executive coach on access and equity issues for people of color.

Ms. Hebsgaard is actively engaged in action initiatives in Boston and Connecticut and holds leadership positions in many professional associations, civic organizations, and community groups. Ms. Hebsgaard has been honored by many Boston and Connecticut organizations. In the mid-'90s, Ms. Hebsgaard was named one of 25 Influential People to watch by the Boston Business Journal. Recently, Ms. Hebsgaard was the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Edwin Archer Randolph Diversity Award in honor of her founding of the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity. The Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity created The Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard Award to be presented annually to a lawyer of color, 40 and under, who have made significant contributions to Connecticut's legal community. In 2011 she also received the Constance Baker Motley Trailblazer Award by the New Haven, CT. NAACP at Yale University, and the Citizen In the Law Award presented by the Connecticut Bar Association.

Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard Executive Director

Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard
Executive Director

Ms. Hebsgaard is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Middlesex County Chapter of The Links, Inc., a Founder of Divas Uncorked, Inc graduate of Delaware State University.

AAC: The Attorney Advisory Committee Members

The Attorney Advisory Committee (AAC) of the 可以赌足球的app.正规赌足球软件 (可以赌足球的app) is organized to advise 可以赌足球的app leadership of ways in which the 可以赌足球的app’s programs and initiatives can maintain relevancy for, and to, its constituents – lawyers of color and the member organizations to which they belong. The 可以赌足球的app is a collaborative consortium of more than 40 legal organizations that include law firms, corporate law offices, and government agencies. The AAC has a concerted commitment to creating stronger representation and retention of practicing lawyers of color in Boston’s legal community. The 可以赌足球的app is currently seeking appointments of committee members from member organization leaders.

The current co-chairs of the AAC represent the 可以赌足球的app’s constituent base of law firms, corporate law offices and government entities. The co-chairs are Trevor T. Moore and Brandon Rios.